Precision Castings

Precision, On Demand.

Since 1983, Barron Industries has been committed to providing high-quality ferrous and non-ferrous precision investment castings. An industry leader, Barron was one of the first investment casting manufacturers to receive AS9100 Quality Certification in 2014. Barron’s full-service manufacturing process includes everything from design for manufacturing to in-house casting, CNC machining, NDT, and welding. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process significantly reduces cost and lead times without sacrificing quality.

Investment Casting Expertise

Barron’s skilled technicians use advanced tools and technology to ensure that our investment cast components meet customer needs and applicable industry standards. Typically a linear tolerance of +/-.005inch/inch is standard for investment casting although it varies depending on the size and complexity of the part. The standard surface finish for our castings is a 125 to 150 rms microfinish.

Robotic Technology

ensures consistency in shell dipping, coating, and formation as well as enhanced efficiency in drying of ceramic shells. This means more consistent high quality castings being delivered to our customers.

Furnace Capacity

includes three steel and two aluminum melting units, two ovens for wax burnout from the ceramic mold and four ovens for preheating ceramic shells. Redundant equipment ensure your castings will continue being processed, even if a piece of equipment breaks down.

Ceramic Shelling & Core Technology

Working closely with our OEM customers to reduce costs and lead time. Barron Industries was a pioneer in the use of ceramic shelling core technology. Our research and development reduced manufacturing costs by 20% through reductions in material waste and machining operations.

MRP/ERP Software

(MRP/ERP) software provides operational intelligence allowing continuous improvement, accountability, quality, and transparency throughout the investment casting process.


Utilizing the lost-wax investment casting process, Barron Industries produces both ferrous and non-ferrous precision castings from 2 oz to 250 lbs.

Complex Shapes & Sizes

Barron is uniquely capable of delivering larger metal castings up to 25 inches or 63.5cm and 150 lbs or 68 kg for steel and 50 lbs or 22.7 kg for aluminum parts. Plus, we routinely produce cast alloy components with complex shapes requiring only minimal surface finishing or machining for completion.

Performance Critical

With the precision lost-wax investment casting process, we can produce parts with strict tolerance requirements. Barron uses Solidification Modeling software to predict the outcome of a casting’s internal quality level before a part is ever made, significantly improving time-to-market and reducing development costs due to “trial and error” methods of process development. We are experts in value engineering for our customers. Barron will help you reduce weight, lead-time and cost, as well as improve the functionality of your part. Let us redesign or convert your costly multi-piece weldment or fabrication into a single-piece precision investment casting.

large investment casting

Our Process

The Barron Industries investment casting process provides distinctive advantages over sand and other casting methods. Our precision lost wax casting method turns out high strength castings with greater dimensional accuracy, higher consistency, superior product integrity and improved surface finish. We frequently participate in up-front design with our customers to ensure manufacturability and the lowest cost design while maintaining critical machining tolerances.

Superior Casting Solutions

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