New Employees


To ensure our employees are constantly understanding the most up-to-date industry processes and latest quality standards, we conduct mandatory two-hour onboarding sessions weekly. All of our employees are required to complete these onboarding sessions in order to continue with their daily duties. This also allows us to keep our employees properly educated, so they know they’re getting the most out of working with a leading manufacturer and constantly learning in our industry.


For effective employee development, we conduct thorough on-the-job training sessions. We believe these sessions bring all of our employees tremendous value. This hands on method, conducted by managers and other employees, allows us to teach our new employees skills and knowledge required for specific jobs. This also allows us to teach our new hires in the exact environment in which they will need to put their skills to use. We want all of our employees to be knowledgeable and confident in their roles.


We also offer various off-site training opportunities for all of our interested employees. At Barron, we want you to thrive and excel in your career. Sometimes, this means becoming certified in various roles and advancing your education and knowledge. We fully support all of our employees in their quest to get the most out of their jobs. It’s our promise to make our staff members fully aware of any opportunities to become certified and receive further industry education. Some of these opportunities include CNC, robotics and casting training.

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