Strong Safety-Critical Castings

Nickel is a hard, malleable material that will alloy with most other metals. Nickel base alloys produced at Barron Industries resist high pressures, temperatures, and corrosion. They are well-suited for high-performance applications such as jet-engine blades, deep-sea mining, energy, power, chemical and petrochemical industries. The industry standard linear tolerances for any investment casting process are ±.005 per inch of length and the standard minimum wall thickness is between .04 “ and .08”. Barron’s metallurgical experts are prepared to meet your investment casting needs, even if tighter tolerances and thinner walls are needed. Contact us to discuss our design for manufacturing capabilities.

High Nickel Alloys & Superalloys

This group of alloys are used for their outstanding corrosion and high temperature resistance. Many are metallurgically related to the austenitic stainless steels but are much more highly alloyed, particularly with nickel, chromium and molybdenum in order to enhance their corrosion resistance. These alloys are used to resist extremely corrosive conditions in the energy, power, chemical and petrochemical industries.

The term “superalloy” is applied to alloys which have outstanding high temperature, strength and oxidation resistance. The nickel-based superalloys contain carefully balanced alloying additions of chromium, cobalt, aluminum , titanium and other elements. Often components are produced by carefully controlled solidification in order to get an optimum directionally solidified or even single crystal structure. These components can have strengths at 1000°C which exceed that of ordinary steels at room temperature. They are necessary in the production of gas turbines for both power generation and aircraft.

Renowned for their superior chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance, stress corrosion resistance, and weldability, nickel-based alloys are heavily relied upon in the defense, aerospace, chemical, energy, and automotive industries.

At Barron Industries, we use two major types of nickel alloys during the investment casting process: Inconel® and Hastelloy®.