Cobalt Alloy

Cobalt alloy is a commonly used metal alloy that is primarily cobalt and chromium with smaller amounts of molybdenum, nickel, iron, carbon, manganese, and silicone. Cobalt alloys produced at Barron Industries have good magnetic properties, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and high temperature strength . Due to the high cost of these alloys, they are used where severe conditions prevail and require high temperature strength and hardness, excellent wear, corrosion, and/or erosion resistance. The industry standard linear tolerances for any investment casting process are ±.005 per inch of length and the standard minimum wall thickness is between .04 “ and .08”. Barron’s metallurgical experts are prepared to meet your investment casting needs, even if tighter tolerances and thinner walls are needed. Contact us to discuss our design for manufacturing.

Cobalt Superalloys

Cobalt Superalloys are an important group of high-temperature materials used in the hottest sections of jet and rocket engines where temperatures reach 1200–1400 °C. Superalloys are based on cobalt with large additions of alloying elements to provide strength, toughness and durability at high temperature.
Cobalt-based materials are more weldable than nickel-based alternatives. While not as strong as nickel alloys at lower temperatures, above about 1700°F / 930°C cobalt alloys show higher strength. Nickel melts at 2651°F / 1455°C while cobalt melts at 2723°F / 1495°C.

We recognize that each customer has unique requirements.

Our melt technicians are capable of custom mixing alloys as needed to produce a final metallurgy that is certified to meet individual customer requirements. Every heat is spectrographically tested to ensure the correct chemistry and mechanical properties are verified by in-house testing of separately cast tensile specimens. Metallurgical quality and integrity are ensured by archiving a small metal sample of each heat for up to seven years to assure our customers of the metal quality and address any technical inquiries that may arise years after castings have been produced and shipped.