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Barron Industries has developed an unsurpassed reputation as a single-source location for a broad range of complex, ferrous and non-ferrous medical investment castings, as well as NDT (non-destructive) testing, welding, and machining. As a multi-certified foundry, we have the qualifications and experience required to create the precision castings that the medical industry needs.

Medical Capabilities

Since our founding, our only goal is to help our customers get the precision components they need. We specialize in creating thin-wall, high-strength, and intricate medical investment castings in sizes that range from a couple of inches to 25 inches. Our design-build team also uses Pro-Engineer,™ Unigraphics, and Solidworks software to validate designs before the casting process begins.

Additionally, we work with over 200 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, including aluminum, nickel, cobalt, carbon, stainless steel, and other low-alloy steel. Our metallurgists can help you select the best material for your application.

Lastly, every metal-formed, machined, or fabricated part is always tested in our NADCAP-certified non-destructive (NDT) testing lab. This helps us ensure that our parts are free of surface fissures, cracks, internal porosities, inclusions, and anomalies. Our NDT capabilities include liquid penetrant inspection (LPI), computed radiography, and magnetic particle inspection (MPI).

Medical Grade Investment Castings

The medical industry needs high-quality parts that meet stringent compliance issues. As an ISO 9001-, AS 9100-, and TS 16949-certified foundry, we’ve adopted several fail-safe and error-proofing processes to ensure that only the highest-quality cast parts leave our facility.

Our quality control processes occur during every stage of manufacturing, including material selection, design, production, testing, and validation. We use SOLIDCast® solidification modeling software when creating every design to help eliminate shrinkage and porosity. We also employ robotic technology during production to ensure consistency and efficiency during shell dipping, coating, and formation. Lastly, all components we produce are tested in our NDT lab to ensure we identify and mitigate potential issues as quickly as possible.

Superior Investment Casting Solutions

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