Space & Satellites

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Barron Industries is extremely proud and excited to be part of the new global surge in space exploration. From the creation of the United States Space Force, to the Artemis program and the international efforts with NASA in this historic mission to Mars, to providing a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation for affordable broadband service to underserved communities around the world, Barron is helping our major OEM customers keep pace with the fast-changing space sector. We are utilizing our design expertise and manufacturing capabilities to provide functional, affordable, lightweight precision cast hardware components for the space industry including:

  • Lens & optical housings
  • Telescope housings and mounting components
  • Antenna systems
  • Satellite support structures
  • Rocket propulsion and launch vehicle systems
  • Guidance systems

Barron is the right choice for complex designed components as large as 24 in or 61 cm. Whether for defense, international, or commercial space markets, Barron is leading the way in smart design and manufacturing and delivering in shorter lead times than ever before. We utilize the latest in casting modeling & simulation, 3D scanning, additive manufacturing & prototyping, alloy section, 5-axis machining, and advanced coating methods.

The Right Choice

We manufacture critical hardware for the space industry including nickel alloy parts for rocket propulsion systems, and aluminum satellite components. Barron produces thin-walled aluminum castings used in satellite optical systems including housings for electronic navigation and communications devices. Using the investment casting process, we manufacture high-strength cast aluminum components designed for both high-earth and low-earth orbit systems. The most common aluminum alloys Barron pours for use in the aerospace industry are A355, A356, A357 and F357 aluminum due to their high strength (exceeding 40,000 psi tensile strength) and thin wall castability. Plus, we cast complex single-piece components that are much more durable than multi-piece fabrications.

Space & Satellites

As an AS9100 Certified company, Barron produces critical aluminum precision components used in aircraft and defense technologies in both domestic and foreign markets including:

Forward canard section for a 2,000 lb. jet launched ordinance
Fuel and HVAC systems on the Apache helicopter and Boeing 767
Telemetry system of the Patriot and HARM missiles

Our NADCAP Certified Non-Destructive Testing lab allows us to perform all testing, inspection, and certification in-house resulting in significantly reduced costs and lead times. Barron also offers in-house CNC machining and application of non-reflective light-absorbing coatings.

Specialty Alloys with Superior Mechanical Properties

Barron’s investment casting process for nickel alloy and stainless steel parts includes the latest in inert gas, rollover induction casting techniques to produce specialty alloy, thin-walled precision castings just ounces up to 50 lbs. More than 200 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys are melted under inert gas conditions including low weight aluminum, high strength stainless steel, nickel, and cobalt-based alloys. Casting is performed in a protective atmosphere that yields superior mechanical properties with tight tolerances and perfect repeatability, from the first part to the last.

Leading-Edge Technical Expertise

Barron Industries is a full-service manufacturer of precision investment castings, machined components and complete assemblies. Our in-house services include design for manufacturing, rapid prototyping and CNC machining with the latest 5 axis technology.

From prototype to full production, Barron provides leading-edge technical expertise for the manufacture of complex components for our many of our OEM and Tier 1 aerospace customers including Boeing and GE Aviation.

Higher Dimensional Accuracy and Mechanical Properties

Barron’s rapid prototyping capabilities incorporate cutting-edge additive manufacturing techniques to produce castings with higher dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties. Without the added expense and time of hard tooling, we can deliver precision-machined castings in less than half the industry-standard lead times.

Plus, our rigorous inspection methods ensure we provide the highest quality castings possible. Barron is AS9100 Certified and NADCAP Accredited for digital radiography, penetrant testing and welding.


Superior Investment Casting Solutions

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