5-axis CNC Machining Technology Video

Barron Industries manufactures precision machined investment castings. Barron has 13 CNC machining centers that cover not only turning, but also three, four, and five-axis milling operations both horizontal and vertical. In addition, Barron is set up and especially tooled to produce one-off, three, four, and five-part rapid prototype pieces as well as produce production lots up to 100,000 a year. Plus our in-house inspection facilities have equipment that can inspect up to millionths of an inch.

Barron’s in- house precision machining operation allows us to provide complete turnkey manufacturing to our customers in Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Nuclear, and other commercial Industries.

With Barron’s turning and three, four, and five-axis milling capabilities, we can machine some of the most complex investment castings. Barron can turn, mill, drill and tap any of the various alloys that we pour including hard milling and hard turning of alloys like Inconel or 400 series stainless steel. Our in-house CNC machining capabilities allow us to produce rapid prototypes and low volume production in 30 to 50% better lead times than the industry standard.

One of our great strengths is the skill set and experience of our operators. With some of our operators having over 20 plus years experience and Barron providing updated training continuously, Barron Industries stays on top of the ever-changing needs of our customer base.

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