High Quality Castings

Quality Certifications

The quality of our castings is controlled by each and every Barron Industries team member. To facilitate that process, Barron Industries has achieved many quality certifications including AS 9100, ISO 9001 and Nadcap accreditation, Computer Radiography, Liquid Penetrant Testing and Welding. Our advanced investment casting process is also certified by Boeing GE Aviation, and other world-leading companies. Using advanced tools and technology, Barron’s skilled technicians make certain that our investment cast parts address our customers’ needs as well as all applicable industry standards.


NADCAP – Nondestructive Testing • AS 9100 • ISO 9001 • ITAR Registered • SAM Registered • Certified Small Business

Cage code 7L135 - Primary NAICS: 331512, 331524, 331524, 331529, 332710

Other Memberships and Industry Participation:
Investment Casting Institute (ICI) • American Foundry Society (AFS) • Automation Alley • National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) • Association of United States Army (AUSA) • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) • U.S. Small Business Association (SBA)

Quality is Our Policy

Barron Industries, Inc. is a supplier of investment castings to the Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and Commercial products industries. It is Barron’s objective to provide a safe and clean work environment for its employees, and provide the highest quality products and services to its customers. To achieve these objectives, Barron is committed to:


Establishing, implementing, and complying with a Management System to ensure all customer needs and regulatory requirements are met.


Establishing clear Quality Objectives which are periodically reviewed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Management System in meeting these objectives.


Continual employee training aimed at improving the quality of products, services, and systems.


SOLIDCast® solidification modeling software adds operational intelligence throughout the manufacturing process. Continuous evaluation of tree and gating design, pouring and mold temperature, and part position ensure a high quality casting is produced the first time and every time — eliminating shrinkage or porosity in the casting.

Robotic Technology

ensures consistency in shell dipping, coating, and formation as well as enhanced efficiency in drying ceramic shells. This means more consistent high-quality castings being delivered to our customers.

Non-Destructive Testing

including magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant inspection, and digital X-ray is conducted in-house for tight control and quick identification of potential issues.

Furnace Capacity

Furnace capacity includes three steel and two aluminum melting units, two ovens for wax burnout from the ceramic mold and four ovens for preheating ceramic shells. Redundant equipment ensures your castings will continue being processed, even if a piece of equipment breaks down.

Superior Investment Casting Solutions

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