A history of delivering.

Barron has been delivering proven, high-quality solutions for over 30 years. We’ve helped our customers create value, by delivering timely solutions, providing turnkey processes, never compromising quality, and forging relationships that help turn concepts into manufacturable products. Here’s a small sampling of some of our best work.

Barron moves swiftly to produce critical aerospace casting

When a global defense company approached Barron Industries they were facing an urgent shortage of castings for a critical aircraft application. Barron Industries embraced the challenge. Our customer, a provider of leading edge components and technology to the defense and commercial aerospace markets, was nearing a production shut-down due to the inability of its current supplier to keep up with demand for highly precise castings that meet rigorous testing standards. Barron Industries stepped in with speed, engineering creativity and innovation to get production up and running again. This project allowed Barron Industries to demonstrate our expertise in lightweighting, reverse engineering, and agile manufacturing in order to meet a mission critical need. Today, Barron Industries is proud to say that we support production of one of the world’s most unique, multi-mission aircraft.

Roush/Google Cars

Roush turned to Barron Industries for help in filling Google’s order for 100 driverless cars in a record nine months, concept- to-completion. Barron shared our expertise in rapid prototyping, large high strength thin wall aluminum investment castings, and in-house CNC machining to provide a turnkey solution for many of the spaceframe and suspension components.

The “node” castings for the tubular spaceframe were cast as one piece versus an original multi-piece tubular fabrication. The construction holes for the adhesive that bonded the entire frame were cast in to size and location. The steering knuckles, control arms, shock supports and transmission cradle castings were provided completely machined including the press fitting of all bushings and bearings ready for final assembly.

Barron concurrently produced rapid prototype patterns and finished castings for the first 25 vehicles that were delivered a mere eight weeks after receipt of the contract and 3D math data while building hard tooling for the remaining 75 vehicle sets. Thanks to the close working relationship between Barron and Roush engineers, they met their compressed timing deadline and successfully launched the first driverless cars in North America.

Defense Contractor

Barron Industries helped its defense customer reduce costs by more than 65 percent by converting a 12-part fabrication into a single-piece casting, demonstrating the benefits and flexibility of the investment casting process.

Barron’s award-winning casting serves as both an engine mount and an alternator mount for a power pack used on a new generation armored personnel carrier. Barron Industries also machines the casting in-house using a 5-axis CNC machining center, performing all machining in one setup.

The Barron Industries investment casting process provides distinctive advantages over sand and other casting methods, Our process turns out precision castings with greater dimensional accuracy, higher consistency, superior product integrity and improved surface finish. It is often the only way a part can be manufactured economically.

Dodge Viper

When Chrysler engineers selected stainless steel investment castings as the best option for the fuel filler door for the Dodge Viper, Barron Industries began by producing 4 stainless steel investment castings. All 4 castings were passivated to insure the removal of any residual iron on the surface which could lead to the appearance of rusting. Next, the castings were machined and assembled with springs, rubber nibs, screws, plastic and other parts into a complete working fuel filler door assembly. Each assembly was then completely inspected and tested for form, fit, function and appearance before being carefully packaged and shipped to the plant for installation.