Offshore Manufacturing

Investment Castings Made in India

For customers seeking high-volume, low-cost investment castings, Barron Industries offers off-shore casting manufacturing. Don’t trust your offshore needs to just any company. Barron Industries is your single source for precision castings from prototypes to high volume production. Barron has strategic partnerships with casting companies in India. All of our low-cost India castings are manufactured to the same high standards of quality and precision as our domestic products.

You can rely on Barron to develop a strategic sourcing plan to best meet your individual needs. Barron offers a holistic approach that includes using our domestic manufacturing capabilities for alloy and design optimization, prototyping, and low volume “gap” production while we oversee the launch of your program at one of our offshore strategic partners for high volume/high-quality investment casting and high pressure die casting.

The Highest Quality Standards

Unlike other import arrangements, Barron is able to utilize our manufacturing expertise to develop and hand off the manufacturing process for your program, while managing the quality and delivery out of our own plant here in the United States. Barron never leaves your side throughout the program. From program launch to the end of service, you purchase directly from Barron Industries. We manage, warehouse, custom package and ship FOB from our Michigan facility. Never sacrifice quality- every part is hand-inspected to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.

Exclusive Partnership

Barron’s offshore services are more than just a way to reduce cost, they are a way to satisfy our customers and reduce the cost associated with using multiple vendors.
Barron’s partners have been carefully selected and work exclusively with us for the North American market. Our partners have been an integral part of our company’s value proposition for nearly 20 years.

Benefits of Off-shore Casting Production

With production at our Michigan facilities, Barron can provide prototype and low-volume investment castings quickly. For high-volume castings, the entire production process is developed in the US allowing compressed delivery time and production launch at our India plant. All production shipments are F.O.B.from Michigan – that means that Barron inspects and packs each part at our domestic facilities and ships JIT daily/weekly to our customers. Barron carries a 2-4 week “safety stock” and will completely manage the inventory and cover the cost. All engineering, QA, inspection and warehouse facilities are in Michigan, assuring shipments of conforming castings and local communication of all engineering and QA issues.

No Hidden Costs

Barron takes responsibility for all customs clearance fees, overland freight, duties and other import fees. There are no hidden shipping costs to our customers, nor any requirements for logistic personnel to track shipments. All purchase orders and payments are made to Barron Industries and all contracts are U.S. based, eliminating the cost of overseas calls and travel. In addition, customers receive standard credit terms while enjoying globally competitive prices.

Superior Casting Solutions

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