Investment Castings Reduce Cost and Lead times

The Barron Industries investment casting or lost wax process produces high-strength components with fine detail, thin walls, and greater dimensional accuracy than sand and other casting methods. Our castings have excellent “as-cast” surface finish, reducing or even eliminating the need for machining, and that means significant savings in cost and lead times.  Any required machining is done in-house, along with our NADCAP Certified non-destructive testing and complete assembly, making Barron Industries a one-stop shop for our customers in the aerospace and defense, oil and gas, automotive, material handling, nuclear, and other commercial industries.  Plus, using our 3D printing technique for rapid prototyping, we can deliver a high-quality precision investment casting.

Barron is uniquely capable of delivering larger investment castings up to 40 inches or 63.5cm and 150 lbs. or 68 kg. for steel and 50 lbs or 22.7 kg for aluminum parts. Plus, we routinely produce cast alloy components with complex shapes requiring only minimal surface finishing or machining for completion.

With the precision lost-wax investment casting process, we can produce parts with strict tolerance requirements. Barron uses Solidification Modeling software to predict the outcome of a casting’s internal quality level before the metal is poured, significantly reducing development costs due to “trial and error” methods of process development.

We are experts in value engineering for our customers. Barron will help you reduce weight, lead times and cost, as well as improve the functionality of your part. Let us redesign or convert your costly multi-piece weldment or fabrication into a single-piece precision investment casting.

In-House CNC Machining

Depending on the application, investment castings can be used in their “net shape” or undergo machining for precision mating surfaces. Using a ceramic mold, the lost wax process produces a much smoother finish, averaging 125Ra surface finish as cast and a.005”/inch tolerance for the majority of applications.  But if needed, Barron can perform any required machining in our in-house machine shop which houses the highest quality CNC equipment including Makino, Mori Seiki, and Mazak.  Our 13 CNC machining centers include 5 horizontal and 5 vertical milling, as well as 3 lathes, combined with grinding, brazing, welding, assembly, and fabrication.

We are experienced in the challenging machining of alloys such as 17-4ph stainless steel, 90/10 copper, armor steel, cobalt, nickel and S7 tool steel.

High Tolerances

At Barron Industries, we work to tight tolerances within a ten-thousandth of an inch and our RONDCOM cylindricity inspection equipment ensures these tolerances are consistently maintained. For example, Barron has cast, machined and assembled rocker arms that require holding a 20 millionths of an inch roundness on a bearing shaft.

Sizes  up to 30”X40”X40 “ and volumes from 1-100K

Barron’s CNC machining capabilities include parts up to 40 inches. Typical volumes range from one-off rapid prototypes to 5000 parts per month


At Barron Industries, we build quality into each and every casting.  Our in-house NADCAP Certified Non-Destructive Testing Lab is equipped to perform Dye Penetrant testing, Magnetic Particle testing, x-ray inspection, tensile and physical properties tests, and chemical and structural analysis. All testing results in a formal certification report.

Barron offers real-time work-in-process tracking with our PLEX ERP system, laser engraving serialization and barcode/rfid tag tracking. All of our engineered metal components are marked (if required), packaged and shipped from our 65-thousand square foot facility.