Investment Casting – Barron Industries

So what is it about investment casting at Barron Industries that makes us so unique? Well, first off is the range of alloys that we pour.

I don’t know of any other company that does what we do in terms of pouring both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, cobalt, nickel steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze alloys over 200 different compositions, all under one roof.

And, before our investment casting foundry ever pours a casting, we make sure to put the customer’s design through our solidification modeling process so that in the end we can be assured of producing very high integrity castings, and in some cases our customers are requiring Class 1, Grade B castings, both ferrous and non-ferrous and have to go through 100% dye penetrant inspection, 100% digital x-ray resulting in very safety critical components involved in both commercial and defense aerospace applications.

Barron likes to get involved with the customer right from the beginning so we can help design for manufacturability. Then we can prove out the design of rapid prototypes and segue right into production. We machine in house, we send out for plating and we do our own assembly. We stand out among metal casting companies in that we have certified welders and we have in-house NADCAP certified non-destructive testing. Using soluble wax cores or ceramic cores, Barron is able to produce configurations that other manufacturing processes can’t replicate.

Here at Barron Industries, our customers love the product that we are sending to them because we can produce parts from ounces to 150 lbs in steel, 50 lbs in aluminum, up to a 25-inch cube, an envelope which is quite large for an investment casting.  And as all of these components go through the production process, they’re tracked on our ERP system.

So that in the end, the level of traceability and serialization that we’re adding to this now complete turnkey component is right there on every barcode label and tag that goes out and ships with the parts. And these are a few of the things that our customers really appreciate when they do business with Barron Industries.