In the metal casting foundry business since 1923, we are experts in melting and pouring both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. In addition to aluminum, alloy steels and stainless steel, Barron pours all alloys that can be air melted or inert atmosphere melted including 600 series Inconel alloys as well as Hastelloy X and C.

We specialize in high-strength stainless steel, aluminum and armor alloys. Customers turn to Barron Industries to meet premium mechanical properties through a combination of strict process controls and secondary thermal treatment parameters in alloys such as 17-4 PH Stainless Steel and A357-T6 Aluminum. Barron pours more than 200 different ferrous and non-ferrous alloys including:

Carbon and Low Alloy Steels

Stainless Steels

Tool Steels

Aluminum Alloys

Nickel and Cobalt Alloy Castings

Solving your toughest casting challenges.

We recognize that each customer has unique requirements. Our melt technicians are capable of custom mixing alloys as needed to produce a final metallurgy that is certified to meet individual customer requirements. Every heat is spectrographically tested to ensure the correct chemistry and mechanical properties are verified by in-house testing of separately cast tensile specimens. Metallurgical quality and integrity are ensured by archiving a small metal sample of each heat for up to seven years to assure our customers of the metal quality and address any technical inquiries that may arise years after castings have been produced and shipped.

Material selection is critical in product development. Whether it is reviewing required mechanical properties or discussing alloy metallurgy, we can help you select the investment casting alloy best suited to the rigors of your specific application. Contact us for assistance.