Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Barron Industries can produce and machine rapid prototype castings. Utilizing the 3D printing technology since the mid-nineties, Barron has standardized on this stereolithography quick cast method of manufacturing an investment casting with the more than 200  ferrous and non-ferrous alloys that we pour here at Barron.

Barron’s expert investment casting foundry turns around quotes for rapid prototype parts within 24 hours and supplies our customers with complete components just as if they were produced from tooling with all production processes included and certified.

Barron can produce castings from most of today’s 3D printed materials including materials used in FDM, SLA, and SLS equipment. Barron is frequently asked to participate in upfront design with its customers to ensure manufacturability of the design of the casting and the lowest cost design while maintaining critical machining tolerances.

Another feature of Barron’s rapid prototyping capabilities is the secure file upload available at Barron’s website that accepts any math data from its customers. Whether it’s IGES, UGI, PRO-E, STEP, or Solid Works, all data is accepted by Barron in a secure encrypted format.

After receiving your CAD file of any format on our secure server, Barron will provide you a quote within 24 hours. With turnaround times like that, it’s easy to see why customers choose Barron Industries.