Investment Casting Aluminum

Looking for high-strength, thin wall aluminum investment castings? Look no further than Barron Industries, an AS9100 Certified and NADCAP Accredited turnkey manufacturer of both ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings.  Using the precision investment casting process, Barron Industries produces superior aluminum alloy castings up to 50 lbs. or 23 kg.

Barron’s vertically-integrated manufacturing process includes CAD Engineering, CNC Machining, non-destructive testing, and complete assembly, all under the roof of our 65-thousand foot facility in Oxford, Michigan. In addition to investment casting aluminum and machining, Barron Industries commonly supplies customers with complete sub-assemblies with specialty heat treating, broaching, coating, painting, and part marking to our customer’s requirements.

With our NADCAP Certified NDT and metallurgical lab, Barron Industries is uniquely positioned and qualified to provide high-precision aluminum castings for aerospace, defense, oil and gas, automotive, tool and die and other commercial industries.

Machined Aluminum Castings

Using 3D printing technologies, Barron Industries can produce a completely machined investment casting. In just a few hours, we can convert your CAD data into a prototype pattern for use in your fit, form or function testing. Our engineers partner with clients to solve their casting problems in innovative, cost-effective ways. Our customers rely on Barron for our expertise in metals, lightweighting technologies, and design for manufacturability of precision machined castings.

We can convert your expensive multiple-part assemblies into single-piece aluminum castings, significantly reducing costs and lead time.

Aluminum Casting Companies

Barron Industries stands out among other aluminum casting companies as leaders, producing critical aluminum precision components used in aircraft and defense technologies in both domestic and foreign markets including:

  • Forward canard section for a 2,000 lb. jet launched ordinance
  • Fuel and HVAC systems on the Apache helicopter and Boeing 767
  • Telemetry system of the Patriot and HARM missiles

The Barron Industries investment casting process provides distinctive advantages over sand and other casting methods. Our precision investment casting method turns out high strength aluminum castings with greater dimensional accuracy, higher consistency, superior product integrity and improved surface finish. We frequently participate in up-front design with our customers to ensure manufacturability and the lowest cost design while maintaining critical machining tolerances.

Performance Critical

With the precision investment casting process, we can produce aluminum cast components with strict tolerance requirements. Unlike other aluminum investment casting companies Barron Industries uses Solidification Modeling software to predict the outcome of a casting’s internal quality level before a part is ever made, significantly improving time-to-market and reducing development costs due to “trial and error” methods of process development.  We are experts in value engineering for our customers. Barron will help you reduce weight, lead time and cost, as well as improve the functionality of your part.

Complex Shapes and Sizes

Barron is uniquely capable of delivering larger aluminum castings up to 25 inches. Plus, we routinely produce cast alloy components with complex shapes requiring only minimal surface finishing or machining for completion.


Depending on the application, the aluminum cast components can be used in their “net shape” or undergo machining for precision mating surfaces. Barron performs all machining in-house using the latest CNC equipment including Makino, Mori Seiki, and Mazak.  Our 15,000 square foot machine shop houses 13 CNC machining centers including 5 horizontal, 5 vertical milling and 3 lathes combined with grinding, brazing, welding, assembly, and fabrication.

Packaging and Global Shipping.

All of our precision aluminum castings are marked (if required), packaged and shipped. Barron industries offer real-time work-in-process tracking with our PLEX ERP system, laser engraving serialization and barcode/RFID tag tracking.

The most common Aluminum alloys we pour are listed in the table below, but we are capable of pouring other air melt alloys on request. We can also provide specific material chemistry and mechanical specifications as needed.

Alloy Designation Preferred Temper Tensile (psi) Yield (psi) Elongation
C355 T6 35-42,000 28-32,000 1-8
A356 T6 38-45,000 28-36,000 3-8
356 32-40,000 22-30,000 3-7
A357 T6 33-50,000 28-39,000 1-8
319 23-31,000 13-20,000 1.5
201 T6 60 50 5