Investment Castings Many Alloy Choices

The lost wax investment casting process produces near-net-shape parts, offering designers more flexibility when it comes to alloy selection. Barron Industries pours more than 200 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys to produce complex high-precision components with an excellent as-cast surface finish. From aluminum investment castings to low alloy investment castings to stainless steel investment castings, Barron Industries can provide the alloys you need!

Investment Casting

In the metal casting foundry business since 1923, we are experts in melting and pouring both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. In addition to aluminum, alloy steels and stainless steel, Barron pours all alloys that can be air melted or inert atmosphere melted including 600 series Inconel alloys as well as Hastelloy X and C.

We specialize in high-strength stainless steel, aluminum and armor alloys. Customers turn to Barron Industries to meet premium mechanical properties through a combination of strict lost wax investment casting process controls and secondary thermal treatment parameters in alloys such as 17-4 PH Stainless Steel and A357-T6 Aluminum.

Solving Toughest Challenges

Our engineers help customers solve their toughest lost wax castings challenges. Whether it is reviewing required mechanical properties or discussing alloy metallurgy, we can help you select the investment casting alloy best suited to the rigors of your specific application.

Our melt technicians are capable of custom mixing alloys as needed to produce a final metallurgy that is certified to meet individual customer requirements. Every heat is spectrographically tested to ensure the correct chemistry and mechanical properties are verified by in-house testing of separately cast tensile specimens.

Metallurgical quality and integrity are ensured by archiving a small metal sample of each heat for seven to ten years to assure our customers of the metal quality and address any technical inquiries that may arise years after castings have been produced and shipped.

Investment Casting Aluminum

Barron Industries manufactures high-strength aluminum investment castings up to 50lbs or 23 kg. Aluminum is fast becoming the material of choice for many manufacturers seeking to meet challenging weight reduction goals without compromising strength requirements.

Our customers turn to Barron Industries to produce quality aluminum investment castings for their critical applications in the aerospace, defense, medical and automotive industries. As an AS9100 Certified company, Barron produces critical aluminum precision components used in aircraft and defense technologies in both domestic and foreign markets.

Stainless Steel Investment Castings

Barron Industries manufactures stainless steel investment castings for components requiring high resistance to corrosion and wear, often without the need to apply costly secondary plating or coating. Common markets for stainless steel investment castings include defense, oil and gas, medical and many more.

Meeting our customers’ growing demand for large high-quality steel castings, Barron’s unique process allows us to manufacture large stainless steel investment castings up to 25 inches or 64 cm and 150 pounds or 68 kg.

Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel investment Castings

Carbon and Low Alloy steel castings are commonly used for pressure containing and structural applications due to the increased strength, hardenability, and resistance to wear and abrasion. Processed to obtain a wide range of properties, these alloys provide designers much flexibility and are used in many industries and applications. The relative lower cost also makes these alloys attractive for use where applicable.

Tool Steel Investment Castings

Tool steels are characterized by high hardness, resistance to abrasion, and good resistance to softening at elevated temperatures. These alloys are commonly utilized in the Tool & Die industry which Barron Industries has proudly served for more than 30 years.

Barron Industries was at the forefront in developing the lost foam process that is now the gold standard used to produce near-net-shape steel castings for trimming, forming and flanging operations. We are proficient in casting all major tool steel alloys common to the Tool & Die industry including A2, D2 and S7.

Nickel and Cobalt Alloy Castings

Barron produces precision castings in a variety of Cobalt, Copper and Nickel based alloys for high temperature, high wear and high corrosion applications such as combustion turbine, marine diesel, and aircraft structural and engine applications. Cobalt base alloys are commonly used for very high wear, temperature and abrasion resistant applications ranging from jet engine blade applications to special cutting tools.

Copper base casting alloys offer advantages in some corrosive environments and in thermal and electrical conductivity applications in the marine and battery power industries. Nickel base alloys have a high resistance to chemical corrosion and maintain good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. Some uses include nozzle diaphragms in jet engines; chemical processing and handling equipment; the pulp and paper industries, and specialty pumps and valves.