Casting receiving CMM inspection

Delivering Quality Castings

Barron Industries has supplied extremely high-quality castings to its customers since 1984. We offer our customers exceptional defect prevention by offering a) advanced technology and b) thorough casting inspections. Keep reading to learn more about our defect prevention methods.

Achieving Quality Castings Through Default Prevention

The first step in defect prevention starts with our engineers. Before any casting, our engineer formulates a Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, also known as a PFMEA. The PFMEA is a step-by-step approach that pinpoints all potential defects or errors in addition to identifying the results of these failures.

PFMEA Begins with Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

The Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) provided by our customer informs our PFMEA. The DFMEA initially identifies design functions, failure modes and their effects on the customer with corresponding severity ranking. By early risk identification, our engineers are able to take steps to mitigate or eliminate the defects prior to production.

Using Solidification Modeling to Predict Quality

Screen capture of a solidification model

Solidification Modeling software is another tool that Barron Industries utilizes to ensure quality castings. This software predicts the level of a casting’s internal quality before the part is actually created. One benefit of this is that it improves time-to-market considerably. It also decreases ‘trial and error’ development costs.

Our experts also possess value engineering expertise, and will help you decrease both cost and lead-time. We also use the latest quality control technology to manufacture engineered metal components for defense, aerospace, and industrial markets in a quicker, leaner, and better way.

Quality Control

Barron Industries takes great care to ensure proper quality control. We use in-house coordinate measuring machines as part of our quality control. Additionally, we have also added a FaroArm to further increase our ability to conduct casting inspections.

Dimensional Casting Inspections

Casting receiving CMM inspection

Dimensional inspections are part of our quality control. For this reason, we use in-house coordinate measuring machines, also called CMM. These machines are the most accurate method of testing and

verification. It is through these inspections that our team ensures that our investment castings meet your unique dimensional requirements.

We Also Use a FAROArm

FARO Quantum S 7-axis HD laser probe scanner

Committed to expanding our casting inspection capabilities, we now have a new FARO Quantum S 7-axis HD laser probe scanner. We have also added an 8th-axis scanning platform, which is capable of scanning complex, dark, and reflective materials at the same rate. Additionally, our new technology is certified to ISO standards 10360-12, 10360-8, and 60068-2.

The FAROArm is a portable imaging CMM and 3D measurement machine. This technology provides more accurate and quicker 3D documentation, and can even help decrease both scrap and rework costs.

Highly capable of identifying warps and distortions in patterns and castings, this technology is particularly useful for manufacturers who need highly engineered components for aerospace and defense applications.

Choosing the Right Investment Casting Company

We train our team in the Polyworks 3D metrology software. This software maximizes productivity, quality, and profitability when integrating 3D measurement technologies into the investment casting process. In addition to our state-of-the-art technology, there are many other benefits of working with us.

Why Choose Barron Industries?

We manufacture all components under the Barron Industries AS9100-certified quality system. Additionally, both our welding and non-destructive testing services are NADCAP-certified. We also conduct all of our testing, certification, and inspection in-house; this decreases lead times and costs by 30% on average.

In addition to our AS9100-certified quality system, we are also proud to hold an AS9100D certification. This is the latest standard for any organization that provides, develops, or designs defense, space, and aviation products. The International Aerospace Quality Group prepared that standard with assistance from defense companies, aviation companies, and space companies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Barron Industries-A Leader in Quality Castings

From our state-of-the-art spectrographic equipment to our thorough casting inspections and testing, Barron Industries is committed to manufacturing quality castings for our customers. Call us today to learn more about our process, or click here to request a quote.