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The most advanced CNC machining technology has arrived at Barron Industries enabling the production of complex components for aerospace, defense and other critical industries. The Doosan DVF 5000 vertical 5-axis machining center is the latest addition to Barron’s in-house machining facilities.

With its 60 tool magazine and 18,000 RPM spindle, Barron can convert jobs from multiple setups to just one setup, reducing time and cost. The high RPM spindle is perfect for machining high-strength A356 and A357 Aluminum alloy castings Barron produces for aerospace applications requiring tight dimensions and true position tolerances. Also registered to the AS9100D aerospace quality system, Barron is certified by GE Aviation and Boeing. Barron is also NADCAP accredited for digital radiography, penetrant testing and welding.

But one of Barron’s greatest strengths is the skill set and expertise of our CNC machinists. With some of our operators having over 20 years-experience and continuous updated training, Barron Industries stays on top of the ever-changing needs of our customer base.

Barron has also installed the latest in quality control technology to become better, faster and leaner in manufacturing engineered metal components for demanding applications. We’ve expanded our engineering and inspection capabilities with the addition of a new FARO Quantum S 7-axis, high-definition laser probe scanner, and 8th-axis rotary platform. Certified to the latest ISO standards, the innovative portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) allows Barron to easily verify casting quality by performing 3D inspections, dimensional analysis, CAD comparison, and reverse engineering while saving time and reducing scrap and rework costs. Barron’s in-house inspection facilities have equipment that can inspect up to millionths of an inch.

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