Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel investment Castings

Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel investment Castings

Made for Strength

Carbon and Low Alloy steel castings are commonly used for pressure containing and structural applications due to the increased strength, hardenability, and resistance to wear and abrasion. Processed to obtain a wide range of properties, these alloys provide designers much flexibility and are used within many industries and applications. The relative lower cost also makes these alloys attractive for use where applicable.

The key to economical use of the investment casting process is to fully utilize its flexibility and dimensional capability by incorporating as much added value into the casting as possible, thus eliminating or minimizing welding or machining to provide a part of high integrity and tighter tolerances.

Meeting our customers’ growing demand for large high-quality steel castings, Barron’s unique process allows us to manufacture large carbon and low-alloy steel investment castings up to 25 inches or 64 cm and 150 pounds or 68 kg. Barron is AS9100 Certified and ITAR compliant and we support our casting processes with NADCAP Certified non-destructive testing performed in-house. Barron has made the commitment to invest in new capabilities that add value to its products. Today, our advanced technologies include CNC machining equipment, CAD workstations, Rapid Prototyping equipment, welding and assembly.

Carbon and Low Alloy Steels: Typical Properties

Material selection is critical in product development. Barron Industries can consult with you to identify the proper casting alloy for your application. Contact us for assistance.