319 Aluminum Alloy

319 aluminum alloy investment casting part

Barron Industries has been a leading producer of high-quality 319 Aluminum castings for automotive, marine and defense applications since 1983. We have won numerous certifications and awards for our dedication to quality, service and meticulous detail. For more information about 319 aluminum alloy, keep reading. If you’re ready to request a quote, please contact us today.

319 Alloy Properties

S319 is a medium-strength aluminum that is primarily composed of aluminum with:

  • 6% Silicon
  • 3.5% Copper
  • 1% Iron (Maximum Amount)

Despite the miniscule amounts of silicon and copper, 319 aluminum generally displays a silvery-gray color. Overall, aluminum alloy 319 has excellent thermal conductivity and machinability properties. It’s also a great less expensive alternative when high tensile strengths are not required, as it offers the same corrosion and vibration dampening properties as 356 aluminum.


In addition to its exceptional thermal and machinability properties, there are other advantages to casting with aluminum alloy 319. Those are:

  • Lower Costs & Better Lead Times Due to No Post-Cast Heat Treatments
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Good Weldability

Common Applications

319 aluminum alloy is preferred for a variety of casted parts and products for the automotive industry. Some common applications are engine cooling, thermostat housings, intake manifolds, brackets, transmission cases, gear cases and valve bodies.

Other applications for 319 aluminum include marine hardware, electrical chassis and boxes, agricultural implements and equipment, diesel engines and more.

Generally, it’s useful in many industry applications where light weight and thermal conductivity of aluminum is desired and ultimate strength is not a concern.

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Barron Industries offers exceptional turnkey aluminum casting services, including design engineering, prototyping and additive manufacturing. We use 3D printing to create casting patterns that are not achievable with traditional tooling methods.

Barron is proud to be AS9100D-certified and NADCAP-accredited for non-destructive testing and welding. Our award-winning casting technology and production methods can serve any industry needing 319 aluminum castings. If you have questions about 319 aluminum alloy, or would like to request a quote, contact us today!