Barron Receives Industry Award for Cost-Saving Aerospace Castings

Investment CastingOxford, MI –  Investment casting is a process used for making precise and complex metal components and, for many industries, it saves much time and cost in producing their [...]


Barron Industries is Hiring for all Shifts and Departments

 Barron Industries is Hiring for all Shifts and Departments Barron Industries, a unique full-service manufacturer of investment castings, precision machined components and complete assemblies, [...]


Barron Industries Displays Metalcasting Technologies for Military Vehicles

Oxford, MI – Barron Industries is exhibiting its metal casting technologies at the Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium (GVSETS) sponsored by the Michigan chapter of the [...]


What are full-service investment casting companies?

Complete Assembly at Barron Industries Full-service or turnkey investment casting companies not only produce both ferrous and non-ferrous precision castings, but also provide secondary services [...]


Investment Casting – Barron Industries

So what is it about investment casting at Barron Industries that makes us so unique? Well, first off is the range of alloys that we pour. I don’t know of any other company that does what we [...]

Barron Industries Wins Industry Recognition for Aerospace Part

The Investment Casting Institute has recognized Barron Industries for an aerospace component the company converted from a fabrication into an investment casting.