Built to Serve.

Barron Industries provides high-precision investment castings, rapid prototypes, machined components, complete assemblies, and welded fabrications for a broad range of performance-critical industries. Our custom ferrous and non-ferrous metal castings deliver quality and durability that meets the demands of even the toughest industrial applications. Industries we serve include:

Defense / Aerospace / Oil & Gas / Specialty Automotive / Nuclear  /  Tool and Die

Heavy Truck / Material packaging & handling

Oil & Gas

Barron Industries provides engineered metal solutions to the largest oil & gas companies around the globe. Barron has become a preferred source in the supply of safety critical components utilized on land and offshore drilling operations as well as hydraulic fracturing applications. Barron Industries was recently selected as the designated technology partner in the development of a patented cast specialty alloy for dissolvable plug and perf operations.

Barron Industries certifies castings to API standards utilizing in-house x-ray and Non Destructive Testing. These capabilities are most important to customers who design for down-hole and rig handling applications.

All materials are manufactured for internal strength and exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear. We pour alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, as well as specialty, high-strength steels including 4330 and 8625 for use in load-bearing components.

Examples of the components we produce for our customers in the oil and gas sector include:
Mud-line gate valve components
Cast and machined cylindrically shaped port adapters out of CA6NM high-alloy, corrosion-resistant steel
Tubular handling equipment and pipe elevator components
Cast and machined valve brackets, slip linkages, and locking levers in 4318 and 8625 high-strength steel
Other specialty items for rig and drilling products as requested