Nickel and Cobalt Alloy Castings

Nickel and Cobalt Alloy Castings

Tailored to you.

Barron produces precision castings in a variety of Cobalt, Copper and Nickel based alloys for high temperature, high wear and high corrosion applications such as combustion turbine, marine diesel, and aircraft structural and engine applications.

Material selection is critical in product development. Our engineers help customers solve their toughest casting challenges. Whether it is reviewing required mechanical properties or discussing alloy metallurgy, we can help you select the investment casting alloy best suited to the rigors of your specific application. Contact us for assistance.

We recognize that each customer has unique requirements.
Our melt technicians are capable of custom mixing alloys as needed to produce a final metallurgy that is certified to meet individual customer requirements. Every heat is spectrographically tested to ensure the correct chemistry and mechanical properties are verified by in-house testing of separately cast tensile specimens. Metallurgical quality and integrity are ensured by archiving a small metal sample of each heat for up to seven years to assure our customers of the metal quality and address any technical inquiries that may arise years after castings have been produced and shipped.

Demanding Applications.

Barron Industries is a custom manufacturer of high-precision Investment Castings, rapid prototypes, machined components, complete assemblies, and welded fabrications. An AS9100 certified company, we are also NADCAP certified for non-destructive Testing – one of our many in-house value-added services including CNC machining and CAD Engineering. Our customers turn to Barron for engineered solutions to their most critical challenges and our vertically-integrated process significantly reduces cost and lead times.

Nickel Base Alloys: Typical Properties

Nickel base alloys have a high resistance to chemical corrosion and maintain good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. Some uses include nozzle diaphragms in jet engines, chemical processing and handling equipment, the pulp and paper industries, and specialty pumps and valves.


Copper Base Alloys: Typical Properties

Copper base casting alloys offer advantages in some corrosive environments and in thermal and electrical conductivity applications in the marine and battery power industries.


Cobalt Base Alloys: Typical Properties

These alloys are commonly used for very high wear, temperature and abrasion resistant applications ranging from jet engine blade applications to special cutting tools.