Investment Casting Services

investment casting servicesInvestment casting provides a precise, durable and affordable way to create finished parts with accurate dimensions and intricate detail. At Barron Industries, we specialize in a variety of investment casting services, all designed to meet your exact design specifications and production needs.

Explore the ways that Barron Industries can help you create innovative steel, aluminum and other metal components through investment casting.

Investment Casting Explained

This unique industrial process utilizes techniques dating back thousands of years. Originally, the precision casting process was used to create idols, ornaments and jewelry.  In its current form, investment casting employs a combination of intricate steps in order to create lightweight, complex parts that cannot be achieved through other casting methods.

Investment casting, or precision casting, is a process through which a mold is created around a wax pattern that is then melted out of the mold and replaced with molten metal. The patterns are constructed with wax via a metal injection die, which are then attached to runners to form a tree-like assembly.

Once the pattern tree is assembled, it’s then dipped into a ceramic slurry and covered with a coarse material. Six-axis dipping robots ensure consistency and uniformity of shell production in intricate and complex parts. When the slurry dries, it produces a ceramic shell around the wax tree. This process is repeated until the mold shell reaches its desired thickness and hardens completely.

Dewaxing and Casting

In order to melt away the wax, the assembly is then inserted into a steam autoclave or flash fire furnace. During this time, the residual wax within the ceramic shell is burned away. In order to strengthen the mold and minimize the shell’s reaction when pouring begins, it is heated to temperatures ranging from 1000F-2000F. The mold is then filled with molten metal, which creates the metal casting. When cooled, the shell is broken away to reveal the final piece.

What Metals can be Utilized?

Most any alloy can be utilized in the investment casting process. At Barron Industries, our investment casting foundry specializes in more than 200 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys including:

  • Tool steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Aluminum
  • Low-alloy steel
  • Class II Armor

Additionally, we also produce castings using unique alloys, such as cobalt and nickel-based alloys. These alloys are best used for high temperature, wear, and corrosion applications like combustion turbine, marine diesel and engine applications.

Our team recognizes that every customer is different, and specifications will vary. Our experienced metal technicians specialize in mixing a variety of alloys customized to meet your needs. We spectrographically test all heats to verify the chemistry and mechanical properties are precise. We verify this through in-house testing of separately cast tensile specimens.

What are the Key Benefits?

There are several benefits associated with investment casting services. In addition to reducing the manufacturing production costs by as much as 40%, this process also reduces the time and materials required for producing a large quantity of components.

Investment casting also allows for a smoother surface finish, high dimensional accuracy and no flash or parting lines. Its versatility allows for the construction of a wide variety of products across varying industries. Most importantly, the accuracy of this process is unmatched, as it provides a means for casting incredibly intricate parts, utilizing almost any metal. In fact, through innovative design software and precision mold shell construction, components can achieve a linear tolerance as low as +/- .005 inch/inch.

We at Barron understand that time is of the essence, so in addition to our traditional casting process that utilizes wax patterns, we are also equipped to create patterns quickly and effectively via 3D printing technology. Our procedure can create metal castings up to 25 inches and 150 pounds, depending on the alloy. We use the latest equipment and digital technology to create accurate mold shells, maintain quality, and reduce costs in order to keep your manufacturing process at the forefront of your industry.

Metal Casting Services

metal casting servicesThere’s never been a better time to reduce your production costs and lessen your lead times. No matter the project, the experts at Barron Industries will guide you through the investment casting process to develop a custom solution that improves your bottom line and streamlines your manufacturing processes.

Barron uses Solidification Modeling software to predict the outcome of a casting’s internal quality level before a part is ever made, significantly improving time-to-market and reducing development costs due to “trial and error” methods of process development.

We are experts in value engineering for our customers. Barron will help you reduce weight, lead-time and cost, as well as improve the functionality of your part. Let us redesign or convert your costly multi-piece weldment or fabrication into a single-piece precision investment casting.

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